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Ceramic coatings function as an extremely effective thermal barrier due to ceramics' unique characteristics that reduced thermal radiation. Thermal coatings are designed to be applied as a barrier, primarily to exhaust system components. When applied and cured correctly, these coatings will withstand substrate temperatures (depending on color choice) of over 2000°F while maintaining color stability. The coating cures to a hard, durable finish with excellent adhesion, as well as chemical and corrosion resistance.


Stock Colors Available: Cermakrome, Titanium, Satin Black. 

Much more available upon request. 


Surface preparation:

• The parts to be coated should be free of all grease and any major dirt

If the part has grease, solvents can be used if they will completely evaporate without any residue. Do not use any cleaner that contains petroleum.


Curing instructions:

  • Carefully install the part on the vehicle and then run the motor at low RPM for over 1 hour to achieve the full cure without getting the coating excessively hot.

  • Initial exhaust gas temperatures at startup are critical, as the extremely high temperatures that can be generated by both lean and rich conditions can damage the resin system before a full cure is achieved, leading to a failure of the coating.

  • The coating will smoke a bit while it cures. When no more smoke is seen, that is a good indication it is cured.

****Please note: Full corrosion and chemical resistance, as well as full thermal properties, are only achieved after the coating achieves a full cure.

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